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Science - Building and Testing


This science unit is all about simple machines! The simple machines are:

1) Wheel & Axle

2) Pulley

3) Lever

4) Screw

5) Inclined Plane

6) Wedge

In Grade 4, we spend most of our time focusing on pulleys, levers and the wheel & axle. 

Click on the following links to learn more about simple machines!

StudyJams: Simple Machines - Check out this slide show to see simple machines in action. 

Simple Machines: Repair - Help repair the robot by using simple machines. 

Balancing Act - Test your knowledge about levers. 

Simple Machines Game - Play this game all about simple machines. 

SciShow Kids: Let's Get Rolling!: Watch a video all about the wheel & axle. 

SciShow Kids: Pulleys: Watch a video all about pulleys!

SciShow Kids: Levers: Watch a video all about levers!

SciShow Kids: Ramps: Watch a video all about ramps!